oh hey there little mister Owen Shane.

What a sweet, calm and peaceful little baby boy!

What an honor it is to be invited into these soft, irreplaceable early days. A new little life, bringing into the world with him a pure little heart and all the hope of heaven. We see in their sleeping little faces untainted, unwearied dreams and big, world-changing futures. 

I managed to keep it together shooting this precious family, but Y'ALL. Post-processing was a whole other story. This feeler, and baby-fevering-mama-wanna-be got her cry on. Got her cry on good. Because, LOOK HOW PRECIOUS. 

It's mornings spent like this that make me realize how special this job is. What an honor; what a gift. So as I drove home from the Chapins' I just basked in it, thinking how very thankful and inspired I am to get to peek in on such beautiful seasons, in such beautiful lives. 

scroll + enjoy. xoxo