Isn't it crazy when you're finally at that place in life...the place that once upon a time little girl versions of you and your bestie spent talking about and dreaming about and hoping for... AND SUDDENLY YOU'RE LIVING IT.

That's young adulthood for ya! The soulmates meet, the dream jobs become reality, and...


You guys, life is good these days. Not only is my marriage the bestiest-best, most actually-study-and-get-an-A-kind-of-rewarding, got-my-acceptance-letter-to-Hogwarts-kind-of-exciting, favorite-throw-blanket-kind-of-comfy thing of ever, BUT allllllll my favorite people are chasing big dreams, changing the world, falling in love, and bringing my absolute favorite things of all time into the world: soft, squishy, cooing littles.

I met Halcie when we were 15. We laughed and chattered and misadventured our way through our teenage years, and regardless of distance [whoever put Houston and Abilene so far apart was not thinking things through...] have rejoiced with and comforted each other through the seasons life has brought. And boy, am I honored to get to be her friend. This [ridiculously] gorrrrgggeeeouusss girl I love with all my heart is not only insanely fit, beyond talented artistically + musically, deeply compassionate and fiercely faithful to Jesus, but she introduced me to coffee and running, sooooo, obviously I'll love her forever.

The life her and her husband, John, have built together is so. solidly. GOOD. They have fostered a home and community filled with love and kindness and joy... And getting to experience all of this sweet expectation and seeing my friend with this I'm-going-to-be-a-mommy-glow has just been the BEST.

...and I've basically worked myself into a soppy, allllll the feels, uhhhhh-I-love-my-friend, the-sweet-blessings-are-all-so-super-great little meltdown.... so here's some photos of my very favorite mama and daddy-to-be for you... Imma go work through these happy cries.