It's hard to believe its been its already been 3 weeks since we got home from Greece. Man, was that an amazing experience! Eventually, once I finally get all of my photos from that adventure edited, I'm going to try to pull all my thoughts and feels together and blog about it all.

But for now, I'm going to tell you a little bit about Porta.

Before I went to Greece, I really had very little knowledge of the plight of Albanians living there. Not only have these people fled their homes in Albania (due to economic crisis after the fall of communism in the late 80's), but have faced harsh discrimination and inequality living in Greece. Although there are approximately 700,000 Albanians living in Greece, these people are not treated with the dignity of contributing members of society.

Our first full day in Greece, as our group sat in Porta (a ministry established specifically to empower and provide a place for Albanians to come together and comfortably be Albanian) listening to Bob and Janice Newell (the founders of Porta) talk about the mission and work of this ministry, we were eating an UHMAZING breakfast, served by these kind, incredibly hospitable people.

And my heart was captured.

I love these people, and their outgoing, joyful, generous ways. All I can really put into words about getting to photograph some of their beautiful families is that it was an honor and a joy.