Tiny little wedding in the Colorado mountains. Snow flurries. A day packed with meaning. The perfect lake + mountain view combo. TONSSSS of time for portraits. The very best bear claws you've ever had in your life. An atmosphere of warmth and family. The sweetest little tender-hearted bride you ever did meet. 

This was, in every way, my kind of wedding, with my kind of people. Beautiful places, beautiful people, beautiful love. Sign me up again and again, forever and ever. PLUS a first look with tonsssss of time to explore the mountains and take so. many. portraits of these babes. TAKE NOTE FUTURE BRIDES + GROOMS! First looks pay. off. Time for you two to have that oh so very important JUST US time to snuggle and whisper sweet nothings, and I just snap snap snappity snap!

But these little mountain babes, you guys. They're the real deal. 

Madilynn + Nathan, always and forever.