A couple weeks ago, I was FREAKING THE FLIP OUT at the awesome opportunity I had in having a mentor session under the amazingggg, CRAYYYzy talented, rockstar of a photog boss: Allison Harp. I’ll be blogging on all that magic soon, but my session with Andreelynn and Scott is absolutely a direct result of a veryyyyy important bit of advice Allison gave me: shoot the kind of clients you want to shoot more of.

All of my goals, dreams, and vision for this little business venture of mine boils down to one thing: relationship. To me, the essence of life is relationship: our relationship with others, creation, God, ourselves…this is what we were made for. This is where abundance is found, obtained, and sustained—this is what gives our stories life. And if I’m after telling the stories of the people, then I’m automatically focused on capturing their relationships: what do they love? what draws me to them? how can we connect? From there, my job becomes easyyyy peasy.

Andreelynn and Scott are the kind of folks that make connecting easy. They’re the kind of people that can laugh and joke and make great conversation, stand up and speak out for issues and people with articulate passion, and spend the day making the best lattes in town (Monks, y’all. You haven’t lived if you haven’t had a Monks’ lavender latte.) These cool kids are the kind of clients I want to shoot more of—the kind of PEOPLE I want to be around. Getting to live a half hour or so in the lives of the kind of humans that inspire me...that's why I'm doing this, y'all.

…OH. And they’re hotties. With the cutestest puppy of everrr. Check ‘em outttt.