Megan plus Austin.

This was one for the books. Unplugged ceremony. Hanging florals. Perfectly matching mismatched everyyyything. Emotional first look. Choreographed groomsmen dance. Vows that make even your photog cry. AND DAT DRESS THOUGH.

Could not get enough of this day--it hit me right in the feels, and inspired me in all the right, meaningful ways.

I remember when I was told during a mentor session that the main, best thing to look for in clients is couples completely, crazy in love. I thought, yeah...that's definitely ideal, but how do you really know? How can you really tell if they're really super in love? 


Megan and Austin have it. They ooze it. And I can't help but love 'em for it.

AND they gave me tonssssss of time for their portraits! Ideal client alert times ten! It's so worth it you guys...give me time to let you get all comfy and cozy and romantic, and we will make some magicccc.