We’d pretty much decided against this trip. We were running dry in the summer budget department, Ryan hadn’t scheduled to be off work, I had weddings and engagements piled up to be edited, and I hadn’t even looked at my Greek textbook once since May. We thought it was the more adult, more responsible thing to do if we just canceled the trip.

But then we thought, y’know, we’re in our twenties. We’re in grad school, so technically we are still college students, right?! LEZ DO IT. We’ll finish the summer out with a bang.

So, we packed our little car up to the brim with ice chests (we may or may not have brought 3 lbs of bacon…spoilerrrr…we totally did) and all our camping gear, and took off on our 16 hour road trip.

This little trip was a true adventure. We camped in the rain, watched baseball in the heat, explored to our hearts’ content, ate lotssss of good food, and (DUH) drank even more good coffee. We saw waterfalls, big open fields, lots of lakes (but not quite 10,000…I counted), drove past an exit sign for Mankato (Little House on the Prairie!), drove through St. Cloud (where Marshall grew up…you need more HIMYM in yo life, my friend), did a little Ryan’s-hometown-nostalgia tour, and were all yayyyy for the 75 degree weather.

But beyond that, this little #minnevacay was deeply meaningful for me. Finally seeing where Ryan grew up was oh-so special, and as I stood outside his first home and walked around his elementary school, where he learned to read and share and love to learn, and see the playground where he first began his basketball career and lifelong love for sports, I just couldn’t help but picture all the same kinds of things…with little ones with those same big, blue eyes and long, lanky legs. 

Our present is sweet and our future is bright. This trip slowed me down, and gave me my first chance this summer to reflect and verbalize the sweetness of our present reality to myself. I’m often a go-go-go kinda girl, and getting caught up in the fun and excitement and saying “YASSSS!” to one or two too many things. Slowing down is struggleville for me, you guys.

But YES. YES. YES. to making coffee over a campfire with him. YES to 32 hours in the car together, just the two of us, and the open road. YES to sleeping in a damp, leaky, cheap little tent under remote, Minnesota stars. mmmmm hmm, yes. Yes to now, and yes to all our tomorrows.