It was a hot hot hot day back in June, and when I say hot, I mean HOT. 104 degrees. We’re talking the kind of heat you can see.


It reminded me of my wedding day…how the rain came and everyone ran inside, but then the rain stopped and we tried to have the ceremony out under the oaks again…but then the rain came back in torrents and everyone ran back inside.


Most of us spend upwards of decades planning and dreaming and picturing our fairytale, rom-com-perpetuated day, and we pour blood, sweat and tears (and maybe a few select curse words) into making the whole thing come to life. 

But when it comes down to it. Does it matter if it’s a little hotter than you expected? Does it matter if driving, hurricane-esque rains drive your outdoor wedding inside? What if your groom’s pants split? (yeahhhh, my tall, skinny husband split his pants on our wedding day…)

You guys, OMG NO. It so does not matter.

What does matter is that you marry your best friend. The kind of person who will snuggle with you in 104 degree heat because you’re so freaking in love and its your wedding day and who cares about the weather?! That’s what its all about. That’s why and what we celebrate with these big ole’ happy weddings. That’s what makes me fall in love with the couples whose love I get to capture. 

So heyyyy there little miss bride. It’s a-okay if one or two things go south on your wedding day. That’s life, my friend, and that’s what you’re signing up for with your honey. Life is messy, but life is so very sweet. And no matter what, if you break a sweat or have to break out some umbrellas, I promise that won’t be what you remember. I promise you, your day will still be perfect. Because when its all about your love, it’s guaranteed to be beautiful. Pinky-swear.

Take a look, and see what I mean: