lez talk about this sweet little ministry-minded couple, and all their trendy, attention-to-detail kinda ways. LIKE LOOK AT THIS NURSERY THOUGH. Folks after my own heart, all the way. 

I'm in love with their style, in love with their vibes, in love with their sweet little hearts, and in love with the PRESH name they have for little-mister-on-the-way: Carden Lane. [Kristen's maiden name + Evan's middle name.] UGH! Is there such a thing as vibey-twinsies maybe?? I think so.

[Not to mention Kristen is a crazyyy talented little photog girl-boss, so I kept having to shake off those butterflies, y'all! First time shooting another lady in the biz, in the books, WHEW!]

Loved everything about this sweet little maternity sesh.