I don’t know about you, but there’s always been something special about the other besties of my besties to me. Knowing that your people are cared for and loved on and valued when they’re away from you is a special little security. But when the “other besties” are the kinda humans you love, you find yourself being all… “hey, soooo…friends of friends equals…WE are totally friends…right??” 

With Pia, Imma haft be all uh YASSSSS please.

When I started college, I immediately clicked with Maggie through running cross country together, and we were bestie from then on out. We shared with each other all sorts of things about our families, friends, and all things “back home." I got to hear all about Pia, this dear friend of hers from high school: how fun and free-spirited she was, her kind and gentle heart, how much she loved Jesus—so basically I felt like I knew this girl for years. FINALLY, when Maggie got married in November and we were both in the wedding, I got to meet and get to know this sweet girl. Def a treat. 

Some people just carry this spirit of calm with them…they’re restful people to be around. Pia is sooo like that—and I love that that came through in this sesh! 

And don't even get me started on girlfran's locks. #hairgoals