Amy + Evan.

boy oh boy do I love these two little love bugs, and their close knit little community. This was a day of intentionality, and an emphasis on the sacred. Real confessions: I cried an unreasonable number of times. 

This is what I want to be apart of. People who know what matters about love. People who value relationship. 

I kept thinking this whole day how cool it is to be invited into someone’s story—to get a front row seat to the sweet moments between you and the people who matter most to you. I am overwhelmed by it. And so very honored. 

I believe our story is the valuable we have. When I’m invited into yours, and given the privilege of being apart of telling it, I don’t take it for granted. Not one little second. This means the world to me. 

It’s been the sweetest honor to be apart of this story. 

scroll + enjoy. xoxo