I don't normally blog headshots, but when you have a little baby brudder who grew up to be this studly, intelligent, successful [and not to mention his heart of gold], ermmmm...ya blog it.

Jake got a super fancy, big-time engineering internship this summer, so early in the summer, he texted me a screenshot of his linkedin profile, and was all, "So, do you think this iPhone pic from prom 4 years ago with the girl I took cropped out looks okay??"

I was like "........ehhhh...as a sister AND photog, solid no."

Which gave him an excuse to come visit meeeee in Abilene, and as we were driving around town looking for a good spot to shoot, the rail yard caught our eye and we ran with it. Perfect vibes for my little up-and-coming mechanical engineer. 

Love this boy, and his handsome little face.

P.S. he's currently single, ladies, but his big sister and his mama have some VERYYYY high standards. proceed with caution.

scroll + enjoy. xoxo