sometimes someone has such an awesome name, you totally know that they're super cool before you even meet them.

case in point: lanne campos.


lanne is one of those people I feel like I've known for a really long time. we have several mutual friends, and have been friends on Facebook for awhile, and she's totally super cool with style + vibes fo dayzzz, so I've periodically stalked her for awhile now. when we met up for our sesh, and she was like, "hey, nice to finally meet you!" I was all, "ohh, yeah hehe, we haven't met before. I just feel like we have because I'm a creeper and I totally stalk you."

absolutely my very favorite thing about being a millennial. 

girlfran got her paint on, and worked her magic right before my eyes, and I got to shoot the whole dang thing. lanne's heart and love come out in her work and the way she minsters to people through it, and if that's not what this whole art thing is all about, you guys, I don't know what is.

scroll + enjoy. xoxo