Zayne is a local artist here in Abilene (you can check out her work HERE) and showed up to our sesh and was just a total natural model babe. So--as it turns out, this girl not only creates art, she just sort of is naturally living art. 

Which, YOU GUYS. The very coolest thing I've been learning more and more through photographing people and seeking to capture their stories is exactly that: people are art. Their stories are beautiful. YOU are beautiful. 

I can see that. Sticking my face behind a lens has made the world look so so different to me...people I would have had a passing thought like, "oh hey, she's pretty" or "he's not hard to look at" LITERALLY have me catching my breath. Little spots I used to drive past every day have me veering over to the side of the road because I just HAVE to capture this perfecttttt scene. ABILENE FREAKING TEXAS isn't a dusty, tree-less little's a place to explore and be infatuated with now. 

And I don't think anything has changed. I think I'm taking more time to look...reallyyyyy look. I call it listening with my eyes. And you guys, I'm so obsessed with all that I'm hearing.