it never ceases to amaze me how my giggling, chip-monk-cheeked little zachymagoo has somehow turned into a bad to the bone, motorcycle driving, tattoo-sporting little stud. 

but he's still got that unabashedly generous, deeply protective heart of gold and that impish, endearing grin. he may be a man, but he'll always be this sisterbear's wittle brudder.

when zach graduated, we did a little senior sesh and he rocked it like a champ. I can't take even a teeny tiny bit of credit for any of his chill in front of the camera though: we were camera-raised. growing up, we knew at any given moment, mama was likely to be taking a picture of us, so being in front of the camera pretty much just feels like home to us voss kiddos.

but seriously, check it. model status or what?? ow ow! single file, ladies!

shelly loves her handsome little zachy! xoxo