When Katie reached out to me and asked me to photograph her and Clancey while they were in Oregon, I squealed out loud. We know these two from college, and they are exactly our kind of folks. We met up with these two while we were in Bend, and roamed around the Cascade Lakes for hours, exploring, laughing, and having a blast. These two have a love for each other that shows in all the right ways: kindness, total infatuation with each other, good-natured teasing, lots of laughter, and obvious friendship. 

Let me tell y'all, I'd hang out with gems like them in my favorite state anyyyyy day of the week. And y'all can quote me on that!

>> shout out to my bae for always being my official camera-bag-holder, and for driving me and my clients all over creation. You da real MVP, boo.

Here's just a few of my faves from our time with K + C! scroll 'em! xoxo