I think what I love most about my session with this blonde beauty is that all these laughing shots are 100% unposed. Blayre is one of my students (P.S. I took on the role of assistant youth minister at Pioneer Drive Baptist Church last August and am loving every single second in case ya missed it!), and getting to know this joyful girl has been such a joy. She’s goodnatured + fun, and exactly my kind of gal—kind and sweet and beautiful and strong and bold and confident. She serves on our youth worship team, and her sincere, humble approach to worship touching my heart and leads me into worship more than any worship leader ever has.

This session was fun and laid-back and full of laughing and joking, but it was so special and sweet for me. The collision of these two worlds, two loves, two adventures I am so thrilled I get to call “jobs”…but never seem to feel like work… What a life, y’all. Find a job you love (or if you’re like me, two or three), and GOSH, you’ll have so much dang fun.