I don't think I've been as excited to photograph anything as I was to photograph these beautiful twins. Milo and Avery stole my heart from the second I heard their teeny little cries outside of the their hospital room. And the way they settled into the same basinet together--FRIENDS. The sweetest thing I ever did see.

Taylor and Jared are friends of ours from church, and when I found out I was going to get to document this exciting season of their life, I was beyond thrilled. And y'all. They have stepped into parenthood so so naturally. I came up to the hospital for our session the day after the twins were born, and they were already such pros. 

Nothing gives me life like working with families. All the different dynamics and little interactions and all the different ways that love moves between a little tribe of people--it's pure magic. It's a sacred experience for me. I'm so honored to be chosen to tell the stories of families like these.