A year and a half ago, these two got married, and I'm still over here, all crazy about this day. There's so much friendship to what these two got going on, and that's a marriage I can get behind every single time; the kind that started with friendship FIRST.

Somehow they managed to keep their day chill but also so intentional, with games for their guests, a polaroid photo booth, and YOU GUYS. Their first dance was to the Gilmore Girls theme song. AND Karl wore a backwards hat (which he literally always does so it was not a copycat thing. They are the original Luke and Lorelai, y'all). I literally died. 

A year is probably too much time passed to blog a wedding, but I don't even care. I'll blog Karl and Mallory's day when I want to okayyyyyy.

We love these two, and we are still super honored to have been in on such an amazing day!