Isn't it crazy to see the rhythms life moves in? Ryan and I have been in this stage for the past year where nothing much has changed (100% a conscious decision on our part, so relax, it's fine), and I feel like from where I'm sitting still, all the life movements of others have become more pronounced to me, like I get to watch it all unfold and happen like a really good movie. 

We met Taylor and Jared a few weeks after they got married. We actually joined the small group they were co-leading while they were on their honeymoon, and later we co-led the same small group, full of a bunch of twenty-something newlyweds just like us, with them. And now they're parents to the sweetest little twins and life is the most beautiful thing.

*insert sobbing emoji*

They're killing it at life. YOU are killing it at life. All of you. 

Today I'm just overwhelmed by it all, don't mind me.