Kara and Dane, always always among my very favorite couples to photograph.

And no, that is not just because Kara is my bff since middle school, or that Dane grew up in the same youth group we did all those years ago (wailing face emoji because my youth group days have reached the point that they really were all those years ago. #oldladystatus), and it’s also not because they are super cooperative and do exactly what I tell them to without complaining or making weird faces at me, even when I make them trek down a precarious slope that has all the snakes-live-here-vibes, or invade their personal space with my camera while I yell “kiss again!”

I love my sessions with Kara and Dane mostly because they carry this refreshing effortlessness in their relationship. They understand that beauty is the ordinary, and joy is found in the everyday. They help me to remember that. For that, and so many other reasons, I will follow them around and invade their personal space with my camera while they snuggle, whenever and wherever, because it makes me happy every single time that I do.