I felt everything I want to feel during a session with these two. Phoebe and Jonathan hold so much joy in their relationship—they tease and have fun and don’t take themselves too seriously and isn’t that what all this is about?

I feel like for most photographers, they start their business working with clients they know, and as their business expands and grows, they work more and more with strangers. WELL, weirdo over here, that has been exactly the opposite of my experience. I worked with a lot of strangers early on (which, hello, new friends are amazing), but more and more I get to photograph people I know. And that is just the sweetest thing. I love knowing the backstory to the couples and families and individuals whose stories I get to play a part in telling. It makes my job just that much more fun!

So friends or friends-to-be, hit up ya girl! Let’s tell your story!