Man, have I been meaning to blog this for foreverrrrr now.

This was a session different than most of my other sessions: I asked my friend, Andie, to model for me so I could finally express through my art some of things God had been doing in my life (who, btw, was PERFECT for what I hoped to accomplish: she is such a serene, reflective soul). This session was truly an act of worship for me. But I struggled with how to say exactly what I wanted to say--I had to put into words all the things these images meant for me on a deeper level. It was too important. 

But I've discovered that sometimes those deep, sacred musings and movements prove to be beyond words. That sometimes, trying to encompass milestones of the heart  with words ends up falling short. And that's where my art comes in for me... being able to capture for eyes what I cannot manipulate words to express. 

So, instead of trying to come up with all the right words to describe this sacred time in my life, or struggle to explain the movings of my heart and soul, I just want to share these images with you. 

I hope that you can feel and hear and see in them what I feel and hear and see: Free. Unhindered. Empowered. Able. Vital. Be strengthened to take those risks you know you're being moved to take. 

Play the song I've attached--the song that has been an anthem of my heart for sometime now, and is so special to so many--and be moved with me--beyond fear, beyond borders, and out upon deep waters.