Liesl + Caleb.

It was only their closest friends and family. Homemade desserts. Bridesmaids all in white. Ceremony under the stars. 

Everything this couple did was purposeful and meaningful for them. I've literally never taken so many detail shots, and I just kept on snappin' because every little item was darn sweet and thoughtful and each thing had a story behind it. This was a day of pure romance. And it was beautiful. 

Side story: this was the third wedding of mine in a triple header wedding weekend. I had acute bronchitis, and I woke up thinking there was absolutely no way I could get through this day, much less do well. BUT YOU GUYS. There's a magic to working a job you love this much, because I cruised on through. Thanks to some steroid shots + so so many thanks to my always reliable hubs/second shooter and the kind, incredibly helpful and talented Elizabeth Bristol for their support and the comfort they gave me in knowing that if I passed out mid-ceremony, the whole shebang would be left in able, talented hands. >> PTL, my legs and consciousness did not give out on me hehe.

anyways: scroll + enjoy this romantic day.