Karl and Mallory are the sweetest kind of in love.

My favorite kind.

The kind based on laughter and teasing and good naturedness. The kind that clearly has what it takes. 

This is what I love to see in couples. This everyday, ordinarily extraordinary love. I believe that the lifelong love stuff, the love that lasts isn't just flamboyant or Nicholas Sparks material. It's also so much the normal, day in and day out friendship. Being a support system for your person. Having someone in your corner. In the immortal words of Johnny Cash, "This morning, having coffee with her." I feel like in our culture, and especially in my industry, sometimes there's just too much emphasis is put on these huge, epic, curated loves. Not that those are bad. Rock your style, tell your story through it. Be bold. But not everything is Iceland and coastlines and crazy styled sets. 

But I'll take this morning having coffee with him.

I treasure exploring our city--the West Texas town we've come to love because it's where we met and fell in love. 

I want our little paint-peeling, stray cat-attracting house.

I'll take this ordinary, day in and day out love, the kind of love that lasts, and all the beauty that comes with it.