So, I'm just now blogging a session from this fall. 

Whatever. I wanna. 

You guys, this past year was so... full. In every sense of the word. I still want to blog a year-end review, y'know, sometime before February, so I'll wait on putting some of those 2016 feels to page.

In the meantime, I'll say that 2017 is already a space in which I'm reaping the benefits of all of last year's hard work and stress. I'm learning to live in each moment, and trying to embrace what each day holds. 

And you all have been such a huge part of that. As I quiet and still myself to focus on your love and life and the things that matter to you that you bring to me to see and understand and document, the deep meaning of it all is inescapable. I've grown so much this year--through this magical little job--because of you all.

So thank you.