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pnw forever || july 2016


pnw forever || july 2016

one thing I have learned: always ALWAYS travel with a babe.

you guys, y'all know I love my hubsters more than I even love coffee. and hotstuff is a true champ, posing and taking pictures to my little excited heart's content, but boyfran reallyyyyy hesitates to let his inner model loose. we're working on it. 

but my girl Kara--no such probs. sistafran brings her fierce and werks it. OMG y'all, the magic we captured.

and hold up--can we talk for a sec about being the kinda wife who travels without her husband? yay for being independent! until this trip, literally the only traveling I had done as an  adult was with Ryan. it was so so good and pretty much just major girl-power status to take off across the country with my BFF. like, life milestone stuff. seriously, travel without yo boy sometimes and marry a man that will be all, "GO FOR IT BOO! ROCK ON!"

there's so much I could say about this trip: I could go on and on about how I grew as a photog and got my creative juices flowing, or how uncanny it was the way my heart felt at home on the Oregon coast, or how I feel like I'm now officially a traveling beast after the crazy missed flights + storms we went through to get there, or how traveling with your best friend since junior high brings out this weird combo of 15-year-old girl and 72-year-old woman in both of you (think: random, embarrassingly long outbursts of giggling fests + crashing every night at 10:30 pm).

it was so good. the end. be sure to travel with your girlfran, you guys.

scroll + enjoy this ridiculously long fraction of the photos taken on this wonderful adventure. xoxo



...oh and MAD PROPS to Stumptown Coffee Roasters, Insomnia Coffee, Heart Coffee Roasters, and the tiny little coffeeshop across the street from our hotel for keeping these two blondies caffeinated + happy.