"Anyone with artistic ambitions is always trying to reconnect with the way they saw things as a child."
-Tim Burton

Okay, so I gotta be real for a sec.

Molly Hunt = #momgoals

I've been Facebook-stalking this woman for several years, using her as basically all my inspo for my future mom life. Her style and the way she styles her family is on point, her kids are sweet and kind and smart, her marriage is so worth looking up, and the way her little family is the warmest little circle of friendship will make your heart melt fastest than Olaf in summer.

Being around this family even for less than an hour was not only a joy for me--it truly touched me. This family reminds me so much of my childhood: a family of best friends, unique relationships between each parent and each child, and siblings who truly love and like each other. I just loved seeing little glimpses of their life and love play out in front of me.

If you follow me much, you know how fiercely I love my husband, my mama and my three brothers (or "built-in besties, as I like to say)--how nothing is more important to me than them. The Hunt family was such a sweet little treat to work with because they gave me all sorts of warm, fuzzy flashbacks of my past, and all kinds of excited butterflies for my future. 

scroll + enjoy this wonderful little tribe.