You know what my very favorite thing in the world is?

Babies, y'all.

Ask my mom--I've loved babies since I was still in diapers. Back in '94, when she was pregnant with my first little brother, I went around telling everyone that "we" were having a baby. Same with the other two--being a mama is my lifelong dream.

The other day I was told that I'm like that crazy cat girl from that youtube video a couple years ago, except about babies. I felt like I should've been offended, but OOPS! I'm just not. I love babies. I love every kind of baby. I just want to hug all of them--but I can't, that's just crazy.

But I want to! I want to hug all the babies, and have a house full of them!

Omygoodness. The babies, you guys!

I just can't.

hehe :) scroll + enjoy some of my favorite shots from my session with this sweet, happy little family. AND OMG THEIR NEWEST LITTLE ANGEL! So much perfection.